Bettina Klinkig “frauklinkig” was born in 1966 in Bad Wildungen, Hesse, Germany.

While studying in Marburg and Cologne theology, french, mathematics and architecture she took part in various art-courses as watercolour (1986), free graphic (1987), lithographic printing (1988) and several sketching and life drawing courses (1990-1998). Since 2002 she attended life drawing and acrylic painting courses in Aschaffenburg.

frauklinkig started urban sketching already in 1989 during a stay in Turkey – first time out of Europe and missing a camera she wanted to keep hold of the impressive landscape of Tavas, Dalyan and Kas and therefore sketched it into her diary.

In 2013 frauklinkig decided to take her sketchbook permanently with her and take advantage of every little spare time to sketch her surroundings.  Meanwhile every year hundreds of sketches emerge from those sketching time slots – some of them with a short report of the situation, always as a sort of diary of her life. As an architect most of her sketches allude to urban topics, streetlife with all its cars, streetsigns, scaffolds and roadworks, not sugarcoated and unvarnished.